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What is ZipZap?

ZipZap is an innovative mobile POS (point-of-sale) solution that allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to accept card payments anywhere at any time. ZipZap supports both Chip & PIN and Mag/ PIN card transactions. It’s card acceptance made quick and easy!

How does ZipZap work?

ZipZap turns your smartphone/tablet into a POS device. The secure Bluetooth card reader and free ZipZap app, enable businesses on the go to accept card payments using Android, Blackberry and Apple devices.

What advantage does ZipZap provide compared to traditional card acceptance solutions?

3.1 ZipZap can save you money

  • ZipZap offers three different pricing options to best suit your pocket and cash flow – free ZipZap, buy outright or a rental option
  • A 2.75% flat rate will be charged per transaction
  • If you don’t transact you don’t pay!
  • The ZipZap app is free
  • ZipZap is cheaper than traditional POS and does not require access to a fixed data or telephone line

3.2 ZipZap is convenient

  • Access your transaction history in real time to make timely and informed decisions to grow your business
  • Offer your customers the convenience of prepaid electricity and airtime
  • Send your customer e-receipts via sms or email
  • Keep track of your finances by managing and reconciling all processed transactions via our online merchant portal, myEFTPOS
  • ZipZap is mobile, so you can accept card payments anywhere with your smartphone and ZipZap card reader.

3.3 ZipZap can help increase sales

  • Increase customer loyalty by offering your customers the freedom of choosing how they would like to pay
  • Tap seasonal demand so that your customers don’t have to wait in long queues
  • Boost sales by enabling your customers to make cashless payments for your out-of-store events
  • Complement your traditional POS with ZipZap
  • Use your ZipZap as a backup when your traditional POS is out of order or there is a power outage
  • Avoid losing customers to the competition by enabling alternative payment options

3.4 ZipZap is secure

  • Safe alternative to cash
  • A reduced risk of non-payment – no more chasing customers for those promised EFT payments
  • Improved reputation with your customers and partners
  • No more chargebacks as all transactions are verified by PIN, and approved online.
  • ZipZap is an industry certified solution allowing customers to confidently engage with you for their transactions. Secure customers are repeat customers!

How do I charge my ZipZap?

To charge the card reader, connect the charging jack on the right hand side of the device to the USB cable, which is included. Once the cable has been connected to either a computer or standalone charger, it will take approximately 45 minutes to fully charge the card reader. There is a battery icon on the display of the card reader that displays the current state of the battery.

What is the range of the Bluetooth connection?

The range is up 10 meters, depending on whether there are any obstacles between the device and the phone that may cause disruption.

Will I incur additional fees if I bank with a bank other than Absa?

No, the flat fee of 2.75% remains constant regardless of the bank you are associated with. We will settle into your bank account at no extra charge.

Do I need to change my bank account to Absa?

No, we will settle into any South African bank account.

Can I use a bank account other than my own personal/business account?

No, entering a bank account other than your own personal bank account (individuals and sole proprietors) or the company’s business bank account is not allowed. Our risk department will verify bank account details and your ZipZap account will be closed if a bank account other than your own is provided.

Can I change my bank account at a future point in time?

Yes, in order to change your bank account you will need to contact our Customer Support Centre and provide them with a bank statement of the bank account into which you wish ZipZap to settle your funds. To ensure that you request for a bank account change is processed correctly you must inform ZipZap 7 days prior to your bank account change and make sure that the new account is operational at the date of request.

Can ZipZap be used in other parts of Africa and internationally?

Not currently. We are launching in our primary market, South Africa, however we are looking at expanding into other parts of Africa. Please give us your contact details and the region you are situated in, so that we can contact you when progress is made.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, any technical queries can be directed to our customer call centre on 0861 ZIPZAP (947 927) or email

Can someone use my card reader with their phone if it is stolen?

No, the card reader is tied to your account and you require your personal login details in order to pair with a smartphone.

Can I use a different card reader from ZipZap other than the one I received?

For security reasons, Chip & PIN card readers are associated to a specific merchant account and therefore cannot be used with any other ZipZap account.

Can you provide training for my staff?

Yes, our call centre agents are ready to take your calls and answer any questions you may have telephonically. If you require on-site training, a minimum fee will be charged according to your location. We provide a user guide detailing how to use the ZipZap device and the app on your cellphone or tablet. The user guide is found in the ZipZap box and an electronic version can be found on the website.

Call centre hours:
Monday to Friday : 06:30 to 18:00
Peak Sunday (25th to 5th) : 07:00 to 16:00
Off peak Sunday : 07:00 to 14:00
Saturdays : 07:00 to 17:00
Public holidays peak (25th to 5th) : 07:00 to 16:00
Off peak public holiday 07:00 to 14:00
Christmas day : 08:00 to 12:00

Are the transaction fees negotiable?

Our transaction fees are 2.75% (EXCL VAT) per transaction, but we offer customisable rates for vendors who make more than R75k in card transactions per month. Customised rates are subject to vendors making more than R75k in card transactions for a minimum of 3 months.

Can multiple users share a ZipZap device?

Yes, you can share the device between different users if required. To link multiple users to the same merchant account or card reader please contact the call centre or email

Can I pair multiple cellphones to one card reader at the same time?

No, only one cellphone can be paired to a card reader at a time.

What are the settlement timeframes?

1-3 days, depending on your bank.

Do device and transaction fees include VAT?

No, all fees are exclusive of VAT.

If I receive a call while a transaction is being processed on my cellphone, will the transaction be approved?

Yes, if your transaction is being processed, it will continue in the background while you are on a call. You will receive confirmation once you have completed your call. In the event that the transaction fails, the device will send up a cancellation message to cancel the transaction.

If my cellphone battery runs flat while a transaction is being processed or I loose signal, will the transaction be approved?

The transaction may be approved, however when you charge your cellphone or regain signal, the transaction will be cancelled by the device regardless.

Can I view my transaction history online?

Yes, via our online merchant portal, myEFTPOS. You require a user name and password to log on via the ZipZap website ( You can also log on to view your transaction history through the ZipZap app via your cellphone/tablet.

How do I receive my merchant portal user name and password?

Your username and password are the same as the ones you use on the ZipZap application on your mobile phone, but the portal must be activated. Email to request activation of your merchant portal account.

Does ZipZap produce a response code if a card is declined?

Yes, a detailed response code will be issued when a card is declined.

How do I generate a receipt?

You can choose to send your receipts via email or SMS. Each receipt has a unique transaction number which can be recorded in a receipt book should you wish to do so.

Is there a cost to download the ZipZap App?


Is data usage included in the initial cost of the ZipZap card reader.


Does the device have a guarantee?

Yes 90 days.

How long does it take to reverse a transaction?

2-5 days depending on the clients banking partner.

What devices are compatible with my ZipZap?

What happens in a month where my card transactions are below R25 000?

In months when your MasterCard and Visa card transactions drop below R25 000, you will be charged a rental fee of R150 (ex VAT). This R150 (ex VAT) is charged in arrears and will be debited from your account.

What happens after 24 months?

The contract changes to a month-to-month contract.
Please note that the monthly rental charged, on that date, for transactions under R25 000 will apply if, and when, your Visa and Mastercard transactions don’t reach R25 000.

Does the rental fee change over the 24 month contract period?

An annual 8.5% or CPI (whichever is lower) escalation is applied in March of every year. If you have been renting your ZipZap device for less than 4 months when the rate goes up, your monthly rental charge will not be increased for that year. An increase will however apply the following March.

Can I cancel during the 24 months?

Yes, you can cancel at any time during your contract.

Please note that you will be charged a cancellation fee relative to the period still remaining on your contract as follows:

If cancelled within 0 to 6 months of signing contract: R1599

If cancelled within 7 to 12 months of signing contract:            R799

If cancelled within 13 to 18 months of signing contract:          R399

If cancelled within 19 to 24 months of signing contract:          R0

In addition, EFTPOS will charge a collection fee of R250 (ex VAT)

Can I buy the ZipZap card reader during the 24 months?

Yes you can buy the ZipZap card reader at any point during the 24 month contract period.

The same cancellation fee will be charged as for cancelling your contract, but because you will then own the device, will save on collection charges.

What happens if I have two card readers, does the R25 000 still apply?

The free device limit applies per device. So if you have two devices, then you will need to process R50 000 on your merchant account. It does not matter if you process R49 000 on one device and R1 000 on another, the free offer will still apply as it is calculated on your merchant account.

As long as a total of R50 000 is processed through your ZipZap terminals during the course of each calendar month you qualify for this free offer.

What kind of warranty does my ZipZap machine come with?

There is a 90 day warranty on all machines, regardless of whether you rent or own your machine.

What happens if the device is stolen or lost?

You are responsible for keeping the device safe. If it is stolen or lost, you will need to purchase a replacement unit at R1599 (ex VAT) for each device.

If the device is broken through normal use or wear and tear, we will replace it for free.

Can I insure the device?

While we do not currently offer insurance on ZipZap devices, you can insure your ZipZap device through your regular insurance provider at the replacement cost of R1599 per unit.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

No, the delivery is included in the rental.

There is however collection fee of R250 (ex VAT) if you cancel your contract before the 24 months is up.

Are the R25 000 card transactions for 30 days or a month? What happens in short months like February?

The R25 000 is for the calendar month. This also includes short calendar months like February.

When will my rental fees be debited?

Mercantile Bank merchants will be billed on the first of the month following sign up.
ABSA merchants will be billed at the end of the month following sign up.

Is there anythings else I should know?

• There are no settlement fees or minimum transaction fees.
• You will receive a statement at the beginning of each month that shows all your transactions for the last six months, the fee on each one, how much you were settled and more. This statement can be used to claim back your VAT.
• Your statement is electronic, and we store five years of transaction history for you.
• You can bank with any South African bank. You do not need a merchant account, we will open one on your behalf and handle all the admin.
• Transactions completed on Sunday and Monday will be settled on Tuesday.
• Transactions completed on Tuesday will be settled on Wednesday.
• Transactions completed on Wednesday will be settled on Thursday.
• Transactions completed on Thursday will be settled on Friday.
• Transactions completed on Friday and Saturday will be settled on Monday.
• ZipZap banks with Absa so there may be an additional delay if you bank with another bank, as determined by your bank and account type. Most banks, however, don’t implement this additional delay.
• In some instances there may be an unforseen delay in settlement, usually because a fraud check is conducted on a transaction – either by ourselves or the cardholder’s bank based on an algorithm that identifies random samples. You will get your settlement, just a few days late. Please contact us at or call our call centre if you have any concerns around this.