Simone Horwitz Physiotherapy

Simone Horwitz runs a private physiotherapy practise in the north eastern suburbs of JHB, specialising in women’s health and general outpatient treatment. Her treatment methodology goes beyond treating only affected areas – she focuses on resolving underlying symptoms that may be causing pain and stress in a particular area.

Simone typically submits invoices to medical aids on behalf of her patients, however she’s found that a growing number of patients want to pay upfront when in their self-payment gap – and let’s face it; it doesn’t take long to reach the dreaded self-payment gap these days. Initially she would issue invoices and wait for patients to pay by EFT, but she landed up waiting extended periods for payment which affected her cash flow. She also started seeing bad debt which had to be nipped in the bud.

Simone says, “I knew that I had to find an alternative solution for taking payment which would allow me to get my money quicker, and fortuitously a friend of mine had just started using ZipZap mobile POS, a product by Paycorp and highly recommended it.”

Simone raves about the service she received from the ZipZap call centre when setting up her device, and finds using her ZipZap terminal quick and easy. Her patients are also suitably impressed with the nifty device, who enjoy the convenience of paying on the spot rather than going home and doing an EFT.  Being a small practice, cost continues to be a major consideration for her, and she’s thankful that there are no monthly service fees.  “I love that it’s essentially pay-per-use, and luckily I chose a mobile POS solution with the lowest transaction fees in South Africa.”

In her own words: “As a small business owner, I can honestly say that ZipZap has improved the way I run my business.  It doesn’t tie me down to a fixed location, it’s really easy to use, and best of all it gets my money to me quicker.”