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5 common personality types for entrepreneurs – How your character traits can affect your business

Your business personality type can shape the culture of your company. Your character traits can either complement the nature of your business, or work against it. However, it’s not a train smash. With our tips, we hope to improve those rough edges to ensure they’re smooth enough to help you thrive in the entrepreneurial world!

Here are 5 common personality types for entrepreneurs. Which one are you?

The visionary – You have strong visionary leadership. You see beyond the horizon and you are a strategic planner. Your understanding and planning often enable you to avoid business landmines.

Alert – Vision without action is a daydream. At times you can be too focused on the vision and not spending enough time on implementation.


The fireball –  It can’t be all work and no play with you.  You’re a bundle of optimism and energy and encourage staff to do their work with enthusiasm that matches yours. You’re spontaneous and use a playful manner to approach your customers.

Alert – Your relaxed approach can cost you. Balance your impulsive nature with foresight and strategic planning.


The analyst – Even a thief in the night couldn’t steal a cent under your watch. You are alert and a practical problem-solver. You apply a systematic approach in all areas of your business.

Alert – Beware of analysis paralysis and over-analysing a situation to a point where you don’t take a decision.  You don’t trust anyone to pay close attention to detail the way you do.


The healer – You are objective and have inner calm. You always find the easiest way to resolve conflict and restore harmony in the swiftest way possible. You focus on team-building and strive for a happy environment.

Alert – Your caring and healing nature  may be mistaken for a lack of urgency or wishful thinking.


The advisor – You are customer focused and contributing positively to their buying decision gives you a buzz. You are a great team player with patience. You are able to handle complaints and difficult situations with expertise.

Alert –  Advisors need advice too, learn to take criticism with grace. You may appear to be forceful to your customers at times.


Each of these entrepreneur personalities can succeed in their fields. Stay hungry for knowledge, stay true to who you are and understand your strengths and weaknesses as they could serve as a strong compass for your business!


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Small business financial management – Our two cents on the matter

Good financial management is crucial for every business to survive. Making better financial decisions can determine the longevity of your business. Here are tips to assist you in managing small business finances.

Educate yourself – Financial knowledge is power. You make better and more informed decisions when you are equipped with the correct resources. Educate yourself on various aspects of finance, from your income statement, balance sheet to cash flow. Understanding your financial statements will assist in analysing the your operating efficiencies.

Plan ahead – Unforeseen challenges may arise in business, but plan ahead and do some scenario planning so that you can resolve issues quickly.

Separate business and personal finances – The biggest mistake you can make is to book a holiday to Mauritius with a chunk of your business finances! This can happen if you don’t separate your business finances from your personal. Maintaining separate accounts helps keep track and control of all business expenses.

Cut costs – All businesses have fixed and variable costs. Keep fixed costs in check and always seek the most efficient and cost effective method to save on variable costs. For example: Buy ZipZap mPOS in order to accept card payments from customers at a low upfront cost with low transaction fees that are deducted daily. Funds from transactions are deposited directly into your business account.

Hire professionals – Taking shortcuts with your finances can cost you. Hire a professional to assist you, even if it’s on a part time basis. It often pays off to engage with an expert, who can help you determine the direction of your business by analysing your data. Whether it is current expenses for the year or financial planning for upcoming months. Ensure that you find someone reputable and trustworthy.

Monitor and manage expenses – Stay on top of your game! Finances are the heart of your business and they drive it. They shouldn’t be handled as an afterthought. Set aside time every day or every week to review your business expenses. You should never leave this in someone else’s hands. This process familiarises you with your financial pattern, and helps you to foresee potential liabilities that might lie ahead.

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Small businesses make a difference too – How your business can impact your community

Building a business may be for profit, but improving lives in the process with the service you offer fulfills an ultimate purpose.

Small businesses can play an important in uplifting local communities. They are the main driver of an inclusive economy South Africa. Are you doing your share?

Here are some ways in which small businesses can positively impact a community.

Inspiring entrepreneurship – Successful small business initiatives can fuel the spirit of other aspiring entrepreneurs and encourage development in local communities. Most small business owners are knowledgeable in their respective industries and are willing to share their wisdom.

Culture preservation – Every community has its own unique identity. From the coffee shop around the corner to Lucy’s all-you-need spaza shop, and Danny’s dog grooming parlour. All the small businesses that exist in your community contribute to its personality. This can make for a great tourist attraction, create buzz and further contribute to other flourishing businesses!

Job creation – Small businesses create jobs for local people, enabling more people to work closer to home encouraging financial stability in households. These opportunities can help create a strong community network.

Event sponsorship or donations – There is always an opportunity to do good and bring about change in your community. Giving back & contributing to a good cause shows that you are socially responsible such as simply donating food to the less fortunate. This can plas a significant role in how your community perceives your business and can further strengthen the relationship between both parties.

Improving efficiency – We all seek the easiest and quickest way to accomplish our goals. Small businesses make it easier for the community to have access to the daily essentials, closer to where they live, work and shop. Install an ATM in your store for last minute cash withdrawals and provide the ability to make payments by card with ZipZap mPOS or EFTPOS. This doesn’t only benefit your community but your business too!